SS105R TRUSS: 20m long spans + central load 5000kg = zero deflection !

SS105R : low volume truss with extreme load bearing capacity !
The SS105R  truss is designed to create large spans that can hold heavy loads.  Compared to conventional 100 truss systems, the SS105R truss is 40% stronger and safes up to 35% transport volume. R

Zero deflection due to pre-cambering
Using the unique pre-camber options, you can create an absolute straight truss.  Depending on the applied load, a combination of spacers  ranging from zero mm to 4mm can create a pre-camber effect that will result in zero deflection, despite the applied loading. This is a great feature when using motion or led screens.

Application scope
Due to its low volume and height, combined with a high load bearing capacity, the SS105R truss is extremely suitable as a mother grid, or to support a front façade for large sets, like on dance festivals.  Due to its zero deflection, the SS105R  truss is ideal in applications with motion or led screen.


  • Easy  and fast assembly and disassembly 
  • Low volume element – reduces transport volume and storage costs
  • Zero deflection, due to pre-camber system.
  • Ideal for motion or LED applications. 
  • Strong and compact – loads up to 5000kg on a 20m span
  • Can be stacked to 3-units height to facilitate transport


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