LineUpGate barrier: Safe aluminium Crowd Control

A safe and secure check point with two entry points / standard configuration for  an orderly entrance  ways  at festivals, stadia, venues or other areas with large queuing crowds to manage their ingress  . Easy to move, store, transport, install and disassemble.    Full  aluminium construction offers you extreme durability during all seasons, as well resistance to aging and corrosion.     Modular gate system build  according actual regulations .   LineUpGate  is compatible to the Efesto  aluminum standard crowd  barriers, gate barriers  and cable cross barriers : they  are a solution for crowd control set-ups and managing queuing crowds safely   It can operate either as a alone system which counts  thanks this  smart check tool  people in exit and entrance  at your event or designated area, or it can operate in conjunction with a ticketing (scan) system and so provide an automated and controlled entrance system to your event   maximum distance between people count tool  and pc up to 100-120 meters in open area  (wireless solution for automatic peple pass counting with  counter  battery power and data transmission by radio to local PC )

An intelligent turnstile, it links directly to an easy to use central computer system which gives accurate, real time capacity data. Quick to install Gatekeeper facilitates full scanning capabilities and is compatible with any scan methods.    In this way can work in partnership with event organisers, ticketing and scanning companies to reduce ticket fraud by combining a solid physical barrier with the latest ticket scanning technology  .The entry gate is 50 cm wide ( depth 144) and offers controlled audience entry, passing one person at a time through the gate.  If the situation requires, the gates can be closed with one simple handle, stopping the inflow of audience in a controlled way.

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